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kate winslet joy

This journal is now friends only. While I am not really in fandom/following LJ anymore, some people have requested to be added to access my fic, among other things. Hence, I'll be adding back anyone who likes, for the purposes of reading those entries.

Comment to be added! I will do my best to get to requests in a timely manner.

December 2013: I do not touch LJ anymore... yeah. I'm adding my old stuff to Archive Of Our Own, so you can head over there for the fic!

(also I am WICKED FLATTERED that people want to read my stuff <3)

Keep Calm & Carry Wands (WANT)

lily pink
SO, we have this awesome design for our program, which we decided to make posters of, and I told novembersnow about them and she was like OMG WANT.

So now there are t-shirts and hoodies and iphone covers and posters! Only the posters have Ascendio on them; the rest are just the Keep Calm and Carry Wands design. It's on RedBubble which, fair warning, does use American Apparel which means high quality but Not Normal People sizes. (I plan on ordering the largest possible shirt, unisex style not the fitted girls) If the shirts are popular, Ascendio may do a print run of Normal People Sizes and have them at the con.

I'm buying the shirt in like four colors and need a hoodie NAO. XD Also totes getting a poster.

Slash at Ascendio

kate winslet joy
1) Ascendio Full Registration rate goes up from $225 to $250 on May 1. Friendly reminder :)
1a) But if you don't care about meals, I recommend getting a day pass or two day pass, just to get all the slashy goodness. So you can spend either $75 or $150 and get all the programming (including meet-ups and informal stuff) PLUS the ball is included with any registration.

OK, now that that's out of the way, I can talk about slash! So, there's going to be a lot of slash -- and slashers -- at Ascendio, but for some reason no one is really talking about it. So I'm going to flat-out make a list, even though hardly anyone reads this journal anymore. Meh.

So if you're on the fence about going to a con this summer, Ascendio or otherwise, there are TONS of reasons to go other than slash (like the Quill Track, which has me GIDDY with excitement), but there are also TONS of reasons to go that are related to slash/ers.

Slashers that, as far as I know, are going to Ascendio

I'm sure there are more, plus a few maybes that I don't want to say are coming until they confirm.

Slash meet-ups or slash-related meet-ups
ascendio_snape (Snape fen)
threepatch (Sherlock)
ascendio_hd (Harry/Draco)
+ there is a slash suite that will be hosting unofficial slash parties

Formal programming that is explicitly slash or slasher friendly
  • Say Yes to Gay YA (Quill Track panel)
  • Harry/Draco panel
  • Snarry panel
  • Third Wave slash panel (about slash(ers), media & social justice)
  • General Slash panel
  • panel of slash fanfic writers who now write pro m/m erotica
  • reading/signing of pro m/m erotica writers (who are also slash fanficcers)
  • roundtable on writing sex
  • roundtable on writing imperfect sex
  • workshop by erotica agent on how to turn your fanfic into a pro writing career
  • pitch sessions with erotic agent for completed erotica works
  • How fandom has influence social media spaces (cue discussion of the LJ blackout & LJ gate)

There's more. This is all I can remember off the top of my head, that I can talk about before Formal Programming publishes their official schedule. Most of the above sessions are taking place on Saturday.

Today's Ascendio Fact

lily pink

Art by glockgal XD

And it's true! Our Say Yes to Gay YA is going to feature none other than the agent whose agency was INVOLVED in the whole kerfluffle in September, and the Slash in the Mainstream panel already has two academics who are experts in Supernatural fandom and its slash fanservice.


Ascendio slasher poll *signal boost*

kate winslet joy
femmequixotic is doing a poll to see who is going to Ascendio! We want to see all the slashers who are going, so if you are going, or even thinking about going, please fill out the poll!.

Just, FYI, these are slashy things in the works/being vetted that I think I'm permitted to talk about (LOL):
  • H/D panel
  • H/D meet-up
  • Snarry in canon presentation
  • Slash panel***
  • Slash in the Mainstream panel (ie: slash friendly media such as Sherlock, Merlin, Supernatural, Glee and the fan-service phenomenon)
  • Say Yes to Gay YA

There will be more if people propose it... (BIG HINT)

*** this panel needs more panelists, so if you're interested, please speak up!

So, please fill out the poll! and if you haven't already, submit slashy programming!
kate winslet joy
Friends who are going to Ascendio but haven't registered yet!

Registration goes up in two and a half hours, at 9 p.m. PST/12 a.m. EST, from $200 to $225.

I know it's expensive, but needless to say, you will get a LOT of bang for buck, especially if you lock in at the $200 rate. Including but not limited to an ENTIRE writer's track, featuring a bunch of awesome YA writers AND book agents (there will be pitch sessions! Included with your registration!), and a TON OF SLASH (no, really, tons of it).

Srsly guys. Register. There's tons of stuff in the works I can't even talk about. You'll want to register later, trust me. So why not do it now for just $200?

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